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Vivo launches WatchMusic in Brazil and offers unlimited access to live performances, festivals, music videos and original content from thousands of artists

  • Ivete Sangalo, Drake, Ariana Grande, Luan Santana, Sam Smith, Simone & Simaria and Zeca Pagodinho are some of the thousands of artists available in HD on WatchMusic
  • The Amanhecer Tour, from singer Paula Fernandes, will be the first show broadcast live, scheduled on October 20
  • The service, compatible at launch with Android and iOS mobile devices and AirPlay, offers subscribers unlimited access to a catalog of unique music videos from thousands of artists, to interviews, making off and documentaries, as well as to live streaming shows

São Paulo, October 6, 2016 – Vivo today launches in Brazil WatchMusic, a new premium music video service, which offers unlimited access to live shows, festivals, music videos, full concerts, documentaries and other original content from local and international artists. Subscribers can view HD quality videos on their smartphone, tablet, computer and TV through mobile networks and Wi-Fi. Videos can also be downloaded on the device and watched offline. WatchMusic and Vivo have chosen to unveil this brand new service to Brazilian fans as part of a partnership between Telefónica and Vivendi. The service, launched first in Brazil, will be deployed in other countries in the near future.

At launch, WatchMusic offers videos from thousands of artists coming from labels such as Universal Music, Eagle Rock, Som Livre and BBC Music – to name but a few among many others: Ivete Sangalo, Drake, Ariana Grande, Luan Santana, Sam Smith, Simone & Simaria, Zeca Pagodinho, Projota, Tiago Iorc, Jorge & Mateus and Gusttavo Lima.

WatchMusic will feature unique content such as special artist sessions, interviews, making off and original programming called WatchMusic Moments. One of the first WatchMusic Moments is a package including hundreds of notable videos from the last five years of the prestigious Montreux Festival with artists covering all genres, from M.I.A., Robin Thicke to Sergio Mendes. WatchMusic is moreover the first platform to release digitally a series of amazing long forms for the Brazilian market, including Sam Smith’s Live at Rock in Rio 2015.

In addition, live streaming shows, in Brazil or abroad, will periodically be organized to bring fans closer to their favorite artists, ideal for those who cannot buy tickets or are too distant from an event location. The first available to subscribers will be the Amanhecer Tour, from singer Paula Fernandes to be transmitted directly from Teatro Bourbon Country, Porto Alegre. Fans who miss the live show will be able to watch it later whenever and wherever he or she wants, as part of the WatchMusic catalog.

“WatchMusic consolidates even more Vivo’s transformation into a digital company. The service responds to the growing demand for consumer video to mobile, providing an innovative experience for our customers who love music”, says Christian Gebara, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Vivo.

“We are very excited to launch WatchMusic in Brazil with Vivo, a prestigious partner with whom we share the same determination to bring innovation to the market. WatchMusic has been thought and designed from the outset for mobile devices to answer a growing consumer trend. We are convinced that it will bring a fresh, simple and totally immersive video experience,” says Karim Ayari, Chief Executive Officer of WatchMusic, part of Vivendi, the international media and content group.

How it works

At launch, WatchMusic subscriber can watch shows and videos directly on smartphone, tablet and TV with AirPlay. The service can be accessed through a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection, and allows the user to download the videos he or she wants to watch in offline mode on his or her smartphone or tablet. Thus, the customer enjoys the service even without connection, for example during a flight, and controls the use of his or her mobile data package.

An attractive feature is the “audio-only” mode, which helps manage mobile data consumption and is a good option for situations where the subscriber prefers to only listen to the music. For device storage and data plan management, the customer can select manually the video and audio quality in the settings.

Another feature worth mentioning is that customer can keep listening to the music played, even if he or she uses another app or function of the smartphone (available only on iOS at launch and coming on Android soon).

With WatchMusic, the customer can create and share playlists while relying on the intelligence of the service, which proposes personalized recommendations according to personal usage – the more the subscriber uses WatchMusic, the more WatchMusic learns about his or her preferences.

WatchMusic also introduces a totally new generation of playlists created by a team of curators with a selection of content with similar visual attributes, such as the “Delirious” playlist with eccentric and psychedelic images, the “So pinky so girly” playlist with a common colour theme or the “Great Directors” playlist with music videos from awarded directors.

Last but not least, WatchMusic suggests new content from the artists followed by the user and notifies him or her about upcoming concerts scheduled for live streaming.

To use the service, simply download the WatchMusic application available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Or cast WatchMusic videos directly on your Apple TV with the AirPlay function. WatchMusic costs R$ 12.90 per month, with 30 days free, or R$ 3.99 per week with seven days free. The service can be contracted by any mobile client from Vivo.

About Vivo

Vivo is a trademark of Telefonica Brazil, a leader in telecommunications in the country, with about 100 million internet, mobile, landline and pay TV accesses. Reference in 4G mobile telephony and ultra-fast broadband, Vivo offers a pay TV with more HD channels on the market and countless online applications that make people’s life easier and more entertaining. Driven by constant innovation and high quality of its services, Vivo is at the center of a digital transformation that extends autonomy, personalization and real-time decision of its customers, offering to be in charge of their digital life with safety and reliability. Telefonica Brazil is part of the Telefónica Group, one of the world’s largest communication conglomerates, with presence in 21 countries.

About WatchMusic

WatchMusic is a premium music video service provided by Vivendi, one of the world’s largest integrated media and content groups. WatchMusic offers unlimited access to a large catalog of music videos, live performances and original content covering all genres and featuring thousands of local and international artists for a weekly or monthly subscription. WatchMusic is the world’s first premium music video service designed from the outset for mobile devices. It comes with unique features such as an offline mode and an audio-only option for a better experience in any network.

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